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EUFIL was created by the joining of two Italian filter companies who decided to relocate their manufacturing to Portugal. EUFIL has been established in Portugal since 1989, using the most up-to-date technology.

The company owes its rapid success to the high level of investment in the range of moulds and in the modernisation of the production equipment, also to the use of external laboratories. Being its primary objective quality control is present at every phase of the manufacturing from the beginning of EUFIL’s existance when it started with OEM productions. The same quality control is extended to the commercialised products.

The production program is carried out with precision and rigor to respect the deadlines of delivery.

Liaison with our clients is constant to ensure that they are well informed and aware of any new products which they may care to include in their own sales programmes, enabling our clients to give the best service possible.

EUFIL is located on the outskirts of Lisbon, 4 km from the motorway exit and has a covered area of 2000m2, dedicated exclusively to the storage of finished products, to ensure any customers’ request.


a) Brand: The products can be stamped with our own brand KUGEL or left blank; However, EUFIL is able to stamp or silk screen the clients’ own logo and slogan if desired.

b) Packaging: All types of packaging can bear the customers own brand and slogan in standard packaging or in personalised packaging. The external standard packaging for export has been tried and tested for a long time with total customers’ satisfaction.

c) Transportation and Delivery: Our policy of using large and well established transport companies, represented in every country we operate, guarantees the condition of the goods and ensures efficient deliveries within the estimated time.

d) The management of the stocks on exit and entry is based on the FIFO system.

In case of claim, the consumer may adress it to the Centro de Arbitragem do Sector Automóvel,
with site at and head office at Av. Da República, No. 44 3rd Esq. 1050-194 Lisbon

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